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The tests that GBC performs on 100% of its coils production are:

Electrical resistance
Surge test, or short circuit
Hypot test
Visual inspection

Some other parameters are inspected at 100% while others are randomly sampled, depending on the specific demands of the client or the critical performance of the product.

All inspections results are recorded and stored for use in calculating performance statistics that enable us to identify problems and intervene immediately to eliminate possible defects.

As part of this ongoing quest for perfection and the elimination of defects, GBC is scrupulously attentive to the production process. Indeed, the final quality, and, most important, reliability of the product over time are inextricably connected to a production process that is always under strict control, where consistency and respect for instructions and work parameters are essential.

Latent defects can sometimes elude process control and turn out to be fatal during the life of the coil. For this reason , our line workers are trained to inspect their own work and to take responsibility for it. When in doubt, they can rely on our internal process control service under the direction of the Quality Control department, which constantly monitors production.

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